On-Demand Lactation Consultants Are The Answer To Every Breastfeeding Mom's Dream

Why didn't someone think of this sooner?

Breastfeeding is hard. It sounds like it shouldn't be, but as many new moms discover when they set out to nurse their babies, there's a whole whack of things you didn't expect to go wrong, but do.

And when that happens, many women turn to lactation consultants, the professionals who give advice and tips on everything from the best ways to hold your baby to things you can do to help with sore nipples (hello, cabbage leaves) to potential ways to increase milk supply.

And while it's wonderful that such people exist to help with breastfeeding, there are also plenty of restrictions. Firstly, the finances — there are some free clinics, but private consultations can cost upwards of $150. Secondly, the location — while some lactation consultants are mobile, often they're in clinics, which may be far away (though honestly, doesn't everything feel far away when you have a newborn?).

Perhaps most relevant, however, is the fact that lactation consultants tend not to be available in the middle of the night, when moms are sleep-deprived and nervous and the baby Just. Won't. Latch.

Enter breast pump maker Medela's new 24/7 LC service, a membership option through the MyMedela app that gives women access to lactation consultants at any time of day or night, through your phone. The service runs $29 for a month, $48 for three months and $96 for 12 months, but here's the most important part: it allows for video chats, which means it's not just someone talking at you — moms can literally show the consultant what they're doing, and they can correct it by watching.

And if, for whatever reason, this particular app doesn't float your boat, there are others in the field. Recently launched Momseze is another example among many that are available, and several private consultants offer Skype as an option for remote (or middle-of-the-night) moms.

Technology, sometimes you just rock.