08/15/2017 17:04 EDT | Updated 08/15/2017 23:58 EDT

Tammy Chen, Canadian Killed In Burkina Faso, Remembered In Touching Post By Student

She's remembering her teacher's big heart.

A Canadian teacher who was killed in a suspected terrorist attack in Burkina Faso is being remembered fondly by one of her students.

Bianka Perso, an actress and singer, posted a touching tribute to Tammy Chen after she learned about the attack that claimed her life.

"This is the teacher who was always there for me while I was getting bullied by other kids in high school. The teacher who would let me eat my lunch in the class with her while I was always alone," Perso wrote. "A teacher who ACTUALLY stood up to bullying and made an impact in my life."

Perso went on to share that Chen had allowed her to take their class pet, a fish, home at the end of the year and strongly supported her musical aspirations.

Dalila Lilou Fenaiche
Chen and her husband both died in the attack.

Perso told HuffPost Canada she was still shocked by the news of her former teacher's death.

"Tammy was an amazing teacher. She wouldn't just teach the subject, she would teach us life lessons and she did it in the funniest, most genuine way possible. She really brought what her interests were to the class so we always left feeling more enlightened than before," she said. "She was an angel on Earth, spreading love and peace wherever she went, and now she will continue her mission in spirit."

Chen is being remembered by many for her big heart and giving nature. During her time in Burkina Faso, Chen volunteered at a school for homeless young people, founded a radio station, and started a charity to help women start their own businesses, CBC News reported.

Dalila Lilou Fenaiche
Chen and her husband had gotten married very recently.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned the attack that also killed fellow Canadian Bilel Diffalah and 16 other people.

"People should not have to live in fear over their safety and security — no matter where they call home or where they travel."

Perso said she wants people to remember Chen for her uplifting spirit.

"I want people to remember her by her selflessness, her kind heart and smile, and as someone who strove to make a difference in a very very messed up world."

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