08/22/2017 11:41 EDT | Updated 08/22/2017 11:41 EDT

Brian Austin Green Wants A Daughter, But Apparently She Can't Play Sports

We expect more from you, BAG.

Jason Merritt via Getty Images
Actress Megan Fox and actor Brian Austin Green arrive at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 13, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

In the world of celebrity parents, Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox are doing a pretty great job of keeping their lives together.

And it's not, by any means, because they make it look perfect. After all, Fox actually filed for divorce after five years of marriage in 2015, but they got back together when she was pregnant with their third child, the following year.

Now that the couple has three boys together (Green also has a 15-year-old son with his ex, actress Vanessa Marcil), the questions have started coming about whether they'll have any more (that's right — it literally never stops, even for celebs).

In a Facebook Live interview with Dax Holt on Hollywood Pipeline, Green notes, in response to the question, that, "I have four boys now. A fifth is a basketball team, so that would kind of be awesome."

Facebook/Hollywood Pipline

"Or you get the girl," prompts Holt.

"But I want a girl. I really want a girl," says Green.

To which we say:

Look, we're not going to pretend like parents don't say these things all the time — "these things" being people talking about having kids of different genders because it's what they always imagined for themselves, and yes, like placing stereotypical gendered expectations on what you can do with them. Like say, play sports.

But coming from Green, whose wife has spoken out about her industry's stereotypical portrayal of women, and particularly enjoys being in action movies for their — wait for it — athletic process, we do expect more.

That might just be us, though, and we can chalk it up to a slip of the tongue during a live interview. For Fox's part, she seems just fine with the kids they have, posting a mid-90s shot of BAG after the interview aired with the caption, "Thank you for donating your DNA to the shared dream of birthing our own colony of teen heart throbs."

Good for you two kids for continuing to work it out — just make sure that if you have that girl, she gets to play whatever the heck she wants to.

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