08/23/2017 19:28 EDT | Updated 08/23/2017 19:28 EDT

Alberta Health Services Warns Of Creepy Breast Exam Phone Scam

At least eight women have received his calls.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Alberta Health Services is warning about a caller who has tried to get women to perform self breast exams while on the phone.

Eight women in Alberta have reported calls from a fraudster trying to get them to conduct breast self-exams while on the phone with him.

Alberta Health Services warned women of the scam on Wednesday. The man claims to be an employee of a medical imaging facility. He's called women in Edmonton, Barrhead and Athabasca.

"The caller relays breast screening exam followup information and advises an immediate breast self-exam must be conducted while on the phone," AHS said in a press release.

"Although AHS representatives may call to discuss a mammography appointment, they will never ask a patient to conduct a breast self-exam over the phone."

Anyone who receives such a call should hang up, write down the time and date, and contact their local police or the RCMP, AHS said.

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