08/23/2017 08:50 EDT | Updated 08/23/2017 09:01 EDT

Passenger tried to bring semi-automatic on board flight from Winnipeg: police

WINNIPEG — RCMP say a passenger tried to bring a semi-automatic handgun onboard a flight from Winnipeg to Toronto.

Police say the restricted weapon was found inside a carry-on garment bag as a man passed through security on Tuesday at the James Armstrong Richardson International Airport.

They say screening agents found the firearm and called RCMP, who have a detachment at the airport.

RCMP spokeswoman Tara Seel says the gun was not loaded and the passenger was not carrying any ammunition.

Mohammad Peyawary, who is 35, faces several charges, including unlawful transport of an unsecured restricted firearm and carrying a concealed weapon.

He remains in custody.