08/25/2017 15:57 EDT | Updated 08/25/2017 15:59 EDT

Cineplex To Offer Discount Pricing As Summer Movie Season Flops

Lower prices for all performances until the end of the month.

An employee makes her way up the escalator during the Cineplex Entertainment company's annual general meeting in Toronto on Wednesday, May 17, 2017. Cineplex is working to attract more customers to its theatres after a lacklustre summer at the box office.

TORONTO — Cineplex is trying to reel more customers to its theatres following a lacklustre summer box office by offering discounted prices for the last days of August.

Its promotional material says Tuesday discount pricing will apply to all performances from Friday to Aug. 31.

Advanced ticket sales began on Wednesday.

Earlier this month, Cineplex joined other chains in announcing lower profits as fewer people filled theatres due to the lack of typical summer blockbusters.

For the first time this summer, it offered a pass that allowed customers to watch 10 movies at a cheaper price.

Cineplex has also been diversifying into other forms of entertainment.

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