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Bronson Woycenko, Jessica Tammerand Arrested In Edmonton Arson That Killed Baby

"We loved him to the moon and back. He was our most prized possession."

Hunter, a five-month-old baby, was killed in an Edmonton fire last week. Police have arrested two people in connection to the fire.

Edmonton police have arrested two people in connection to a fire that killed a five-month-old baby and seriously injured the baby's mother.

Bronson Woycenko, 19, and Jessica Tammerand, 18 were arrested on Friday. Woycenko has been charged with second-degree murder. Both teens are also facing mischief and arson charges.

One of the tenants who lived in the home told the Edmonton Journal that the accused used to live there but were evicted.

Cordell Brown, homeowner and father of Hunter, the baby who died in the fire, told CBC that Woycenko and Tammerand were removed after stealing property from his home.

Bronson Woycenko and Jessica Tammerand have been arrested in connection to a fire in Edmonton that killed a baby.

Police say that outdoor patio furniture at the front of the house was set on fire early Tuesday morning.

Brown said he tried to fight the blaze with a garden hose until emergency crews arrived. He also tried to go back into his house three times but couldn't get past the fire.

"The fire was so intense," said Brown, "From the time that we noticed the fire, because it was very instant, the fire started in about two seconds and it engulfed the whole house."

Firefighters later pulled two people out of the home. Tang and her five-month-old baby Hunter. Tang suffered burns and damage to her lungs. Her baby later died in hospital.

"We loved him to the moon and back. He was our most prized possession."Cordell Brown, father of Hunter

"Doctors were saying there was pretty serious damage to her lungs and all of her airway, and there are burns from the smoke because she was in the fire for almost 20 minutes," Brown told CP.

A GoFundMe page has been set-up for Tang and the family. It has raised over $12,000 so far.

Brown said he and Tang had been trying to have a baby for about four years. He told Global News that his mother died of cancer last year and they used the inheritance money for fertility treatments.

"Hunter was a fertility baby, having Hunter was a $50,000 expense," Brown said. "We loved him to the moon and back. He was our most prized possession. Our dogs are dead."

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