08/29/2017 12:11 EDT | Updated 08/30/2017 09:16 EDT

These Are The Top-Paying Jobs You Can Get Without A University Degree

There are plenty of options if you're not interested in four more years of school.

University isn't for everyone, and there are plenty of well-paying jobs out there for those who don't see themselves taking on a few more years of school after Grade 12.

According to a list compiled by job site, half of the top 10 jobs for people without a degree have an average salary above $75,000, and a couple crack six figures.

Even though a recent study shows university graduates make more money regardless of the subject, it's not the path everyone chooses to take after high school.

Many of the top-paying roles that don't need a degree still require some kind of specialized training. But it's still a far cry from spending four or more years at a university.

The list showed the average salary posted for each of the top ten jobs, and the number of positions posted per 1 million job postings in Canada from May to July of this year.

10. Web developer, $61,822 - 1253 postings

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9. Electrician, $62,339 - 1290 postings

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8. Sales executive, $63,017 - 623 postings

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7. Construction inspector, $64,675 - 100 postings

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6. App developer, $66,058 - 1,117 postings

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5. Pilot, $75,396 - 116 postings

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4. Car sales executive, $78,994- 627 postings

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3. Building maintenance manager, $83,184 - 367 postings

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2. Real estate agent, $107,843 - 435 postings


1. Owner operator truck driver, $144,969- 1,100 postings

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