08/30/2017 10:41 EDT | Updated 08/30/2017 10:41 EDT

Tess Holliday Shares Blunt Reminder That Fat People Have Sex Too


The world doesn't value overweight people as much as it should, which is why they are often considered unworthy of love and desire. But here's a news flash: fat people have sex just like everybody else.

Tess Holliday attends the 5th annual Beautycon festival on August 13, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

On Tuesday, Tess Holliday proudly shared this message on her Instagram page, alongside a gorgeous Polaroid of herself clad in lingerie. Anastasia Garcia was the photographer behind the image.

"When I saw [the photos by Garcia], & how hot (& obviously unretouched) they are, I was reminded of a 'Tess Holliday's Advice for Life' that are all throughout my book [The Not So Subtle Art Of Being A Fat Girl]," she wrote in the caption. "It goes: 'Fat people have sex. A lot of it. And it's really fucking good.' That's all."

Holliday's blunt statement isn't surprising since she's always been known for being honest about her experiences as a plus-size woman. A prime example is when the 32-year-old took a stand against Uber back in April, after one of the company's drivers body-shamed her.

"Hey @uber I don't pay more to use your 'black car' service to be told that there's no way I could possibly be healthy because I'm fat & then questioning it," she wrote. "No one should have to tolerate this at any level of the services you offer. I'm fat. I also have a fat wallet & will no longer be using your services. Ever."

Holliday has always been a body-positive role model, too. In fact, she got her start in modelling after she started the social media campaign #effyourbeautystandards in 2013 as a way for women to celebrate their bodies, no matter how unique or unconventional they may be.

Two years later, she became the first woman over size 20 U.S. to be signed by a major modelling agency. "When I tell people I'm a model, they look at me like I've said I've murdered someone," she told The Telegraph U.K. last year.

Unfortunately, there's a societal belief that larger people are less capable, and many notable figures, in addition to Holliday, have spoken about this in the past.

Back in June, for instance, Shonda Rhimes revealed that people only saw her as "valuable" after she lost "close to 150 lbs."

"Women I barely knew gushed. And I mean GUSHED. And men? They spoke to me. Like stood still and had long conversations with me about things," the TV producer explained. "After I lost weight, I discovered that people found me valuable. Worthy of conversation. When I was fat, I wasn't a PERSON to these people."

Similarly, New York Times opinion writer Lindy West, who is also plus-sized, opened up last year about society's expectations regarding women's bodies and behaviour.

In her book Shrill: Notes From a Loud Woman, West wrote: "Women are told, from birth, that it's our job to be small: physically small, small in our presence, and small in our impact on the world. I want to obliterate that expectation."

Every single time I see a picture of you, I am reminded that I am beautiful! Thank you for that.

While discrimination against overweight and plus-size folk still exists, Holliday's blunt reminder that fat people have sex too is a loud clap back to those who think they aren't worthy.

On Instagram, fans thanked the model for her important message. "I freaking love your mentality and your message!" one wrote.

Another said, "I am a big girl myself that has a lot of low self-esteem, but every single time I see a picture of you, I am reminded that I am beautiful! Thank you for that."

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