09/03/2017 17:59 EDT | Updated 09/03/2017 17:59 EDT

Mississauga Imam Ibrahim Hindy Claims Photo Falsely Used In Hurricane Harvey Article

"That's me in the picture. I've never even been to Texas before."

Mississauga imam Ibrahim Hindy pictured in an undated photo.
Mississauga imam Ibrahim Hindy pictured in an undated photo.

MONTREAL — A Toronto-area imam is warning of the dangers of what he calls "fake news" after his photo was used in an article that was widely circulated online.

Ibrahim Hindy says his picture was used to accompany a story that said a Texas mosque turned away hundreds of non-Muslim victims who were seeking shelter during hurricane Harvey.

Hindy took to Twitter to point out that he is not the fictional imam in question and has never been to Texas.

His response drew a flood of support and has been retweeted over 170,000 times.

Hindy says he decided to speak out because he wants to confront those who use false stories to divide people.

He's encouraging people to focus on the real and positive stories in their communities, including those of the many mosques who have helped out during the hurricane.

One of the websites carrying the article did not immediately respond to an email about Hindy's concerns. The original source of the article was unclear.

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