09/07/2017 16:18 EDT | Updated 09/07/2017 16:24 EDT

Montreal Engineer Hugo Cornellier Took A Selfie Daily From Age 12 To His Wedding Day

“Imagine being able to watch a similar video that one of your parents made.”

What a difference a day can make.

Hugo Cornellier has taken one selfie a day since he was 12 years old to document the passage of time.

Over the years, he has turned the photos into videos to show how he has changed, though his expression never does.

His latest video climaxes with a real-life change: His wedding day to his wife, Juliana, on August 30 at Mactaquac Park in New Brunswick.

Most of the photos show the 21-year-old mechanical engineer from Montreal sitting in front of a computer.

Cornellier manually stabilizes the photos so that his face stays in the same part of the frame of each photo, according to PetaPixel.

Cornellier said he considers his selfie project to be a gift for his future children.

"Imagine being able to watch a similar video that one of your parents made," he told fans on Reddit. "Part of why I'm doing this is because I know how crazy it will be for my kids ... to see when I'm older."

Cornellier posts similar videos every year at his YouTube channel, and tells HuffPost that he "will not stop ever" taking selfies.

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