09/07/2017 09:17 EDT | Updated 09/07/2017 09:19 EDT

Bucket Of Mop Water Dumped On Woman During Fight At Toronto Station (VIDEO)

Police are investigating.


Toronto police are investigating after a man was caught on video drenching a woman with a mop bucket full of water at a light rail station.

An Instagram video shows the two arguing on the platform at Lawrence East station with a transit worker standing nearby.

The woman appears to reach into the mop bucket to flick water at the man, who then drops his bag, picks up the bucket, and dumps its contents over her head.

Warning: Video below contains coarse language

Toronto Transit Commission spokesman Brad Ross told CTV News the incident was reported to police at around 11:45 p.m. Tuesday. Officers arrived a short time later to interview the woman and several witnesses.

Police were told the fight began on a train and spilled into the station, according to Global News.

The outlet reported that investigators are trying to identify the suspect and a surveillance video has been ordered.

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