6 Struggles Only People With Glasses Understand

Don't get us wrong, we love our glasses. Gone are the days of squinting to read the fine print on cereal boxes and getting lost because of misread street signs-- we can see clearly now, the rain is gone! While the love affair with our specs is real, there are moments of struggle that only people who were called "four eyes" understand. Here are six, presented in partnership with Crizal.

Oy! When it rains, you can't see!

For those who wear glasses, rain means more than navigating through puddles. Your lenses become a smeary mess, causing you to grab the nearest piece of fabric to mop up the moisture. If only glasses were outfitted with windshield wipers...

You're the only one who prefers a cloudy day

You have a complicated relationship with sun. It feels glorious on your skin and the world seems a happier place and yet the glare is too much to bear. And sadly, you never did order those prescription sunglasses or get a UV coating on your specs that would have helped you see clearly!

Fingerprint trap

As soon as you've got your glasses perfectly clean, they get muddied up as soon as you put them back on.

Make sure you read the fine print

You take off your glasses and hop into the shower to start your ritual. You reach for the shampoo and rub a dollop into your hair. Except it's not shampoo. It's conditioner or bath gel or some other goop. The fine print struggle is real.

Getting bent out of shape

You promised that this time around things would be different. You'd show your new pair of glasses the utmost respect. You'd put them in their case when you're not wearing them and you swear that you won't put them on your head. Then one day it all changed. There was no going back from that moment on.

Enduring the where-are-my-glasses game -- yet again

You took off your glasses just for a minute and then got distracted. Where did they go? The hunt begins in earnest. You ask everyone (anyone) who might be able to spot them. Then suddenly you remember where your left them and you feel like a silly ninny.

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