09/14/2017 10:56 EDT | Updated 09/14/2017 10:56 EDT

This 4-Year-Old Whiz Kid From Toronto Probably Knows More Countries Than You Do

He's our new #learninggoals.

Live With Kelly And Ryan

Most four-year-olds are doing pretty well in terms of their education if they know the sounds of the alphabet. Toronto native Isaiah McDonald knows all 196 countries in the world — and their flags and locations too.

Isaiah, who was featured on CBC's "Kids That Are Kind Of Amazing At Stuff" earlier this year, got a second round of fame when he appeared on "Live With Kelly and Ryan" this week.

He competed against the talk show hosts in both a flag and a country identifying contest and completely wiped the floor with them — and we do not think Seacrest or Ripa were faking it.

Isaiah's mom Lisa Bowen is a children's book author, and she chose to homeschool him and his two-year-old brother Elijah, telling Toronto Caribbean earlier this year that she believes it allows him to work faster than he would at public school.

"With a child like Isaiah, you have to keep them busy ... He's doing Grade 1 math, I suspect he can probably do more but I still want him to enjoy his youth, I don't want to bog him down with so much work," she told the newspaper.

I still want him to enjoy his youth, I don't want to bog him down with so much work.

Bowen discovered Isaiah's talent when he was two and started memorizing words meant for kindergarteners, and showed a special interest in geography. When they went to New York for their Kelly and Ryan appearance, she made sure to take him to a few iconic landmarks, like the Statue of Liberty and the headquarters of the United Nations, where flags are very much in evidence.

And not that he needs any more talent, but the kid is also learning how to play violin, and can literally follow the notes, like in this attempt to play John Legend's "All Of Me."

We're blown away by your curiosity and love of learning, Isaiah. Keep it up!

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