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7 Retailers That Sell Jeans For Curvy, Short People

Because not everyone accommodates us shorties.


If there's one problem that's plagued short women since the beginning of time, it's how often we have to hem our jeans. (Seriously.)

Finding a good pair with the perfect length is a challenge, but that struggle becomes 10 times harder when you also have to accommodate your curves — meaning both your hips and butt. When the jeans fit, the length is too long. When the length is perfect, they barely fit over your thighs. What gives?

Do they even exist? was our first thought, but we're happy to report that yes, they most certainly do!

To that end, we set out to find the best jeans for curvy, short women. "Do they even exist?" was our first thought, but we're happy to report that yes, they most certainly do!

So if baby's got back, and you want to avoid wasting another dollar on alterations (because we all know how expensive that can be), then here's where you need to get your shop on.

1. Gap Petite


The lowdown: Gap Petite caters to women 5'4" and under and sells a wide array of jeans.

Pros: The jeans are based on height, not weight, meaning the hem and knee placements should be in proportion to your body. To accommodate curves, the collection has jeans called "360 stretch," meaning the fabric has more give than normal, and "curvy," meaning they're curvier through the hip and contoured at the waist.

Cons: The collection is only available online, which means you won't be able to try on jeans from Gap Petite until they arrive at your house.

Available styles: The jeans come in flare, skinny, bootleg and girlfriend styles, as well as a number of colours and washes. They're also available in all rises, including super high rise (because every petite girl knows the wonders of high-waisted pants).

Praise: Customer 'Lilred' loves the mid-rise curvy perfect boot jeans pictured above. "If you have a curvy figure then (sic) these jeans are for you," she wrote on Gap's website. "Just enough stretch to be comfortable without losing its shape. The cut is very flattering. Love them!"

2. Uniqlo

The lowdown: Uniqlo hems their jeans for you — for FREE. It doesn't get any better than that.

Pros: Besides giving you free alterations, the Japanese brand also offers extended sizes from 21 to 36 (waist in inches). Based on their size chart, Uniqlo caters to shorter women since all their jeans have 27-inch inseams, which is the same length as Gap Petite (compared to 29-inch inseams for regular sizes). Additionally, Uniqlo's extra stretch jeans are made for curvy women who want a flattering pair of pants that won't stretch out after wearing.

Cons: There are only two Uniqlo locations in Canada and they're both in Toronto. However, the brand is expanding to the west coast this year and will open their Vancouver-area location at Metrotown on Oct. 6. If you don't live near any of these locations, at least this gives you an excuse to pay a visit to Canada's most popular cities.

Available styles: Uniqlo has extra stretch, high rise and boyfriend jeans. They also come in wide fit and slim fit styles, as well as various washes.

Praise: One Twitter user applauded the Japanese brand for accommodating short women: "I finally found ripped jeans with holes that match the height of my knees!!!!" they wrote. "TY Uniqlo 💕 #shortgirlproblems."

3. Joe Fresh

Joe Fresh

The lowdown: Joe Fresh recently introduced extended sizes to their clothing line to accommodate women from size 0 to 22.

Pros: Thanks to the brand's extended sizes, you won't have to worry about finding a pair of jeans that fit. The boyfriend jean is a particularly good option, since it has a relaxed fit in the hip and thighs, but still offers a structured look.

Cons: If you're a shortie, you'll still have to hem these (but the price of their jeans ranges from $34 to $44, so it all evens out). Joe Fresh also doesn't offer many jeans in colours outside the norm, such as the wine colour you see so often in fall, but all the standard washes are there.

Available styles: The jeans come in slim, ripped, skinny and boyfriend styles. Jeggings are also available, like the one pictured above.

Praise: After trying on a number of jeans from Joe Fresh, I personally found their classic slim style to be the best. I've always had a bootie, so I was happy to find a pair that could hug my curves so nicely, without making me feel like I'm squeezing myself to fit into the pants. I will have to hem them though, since I'm just under 5', but hey — if the shoe fits, wear it!

4. Asos


The lowdown: Asos has its own petite line aimed at women 5'3" and under.

Pros: These will definitely fit you lengthwise, and since Asos jeans are made with stretch denim, they'll be sure to hug your curves nicely too.

Cons: The size range for Asos Petite isn't as comprehensive as other brands and only goes from size 00 to 12. While the brand does have a curve and plus-size line with sizes ranging from 12 to 26, you'll (unfortunately) have to hem these, since the length doesn't come smaller than 30 inches.

Available styles: Asos has all the standard styles: straight, skinny, boyfriend, mom and jeggings. They also have high-waisted jeans (pictured above) and a number of different washes.

Praise: In response to a Twitter user seeking jeans for "small waists and big hips," one user praised Asos: "This used to be me, and I swore by Asos petite super skinny jeans. They stretch over hips very well."

5. Torrid


The lowdown: Torrid is a U.S. plus-size store catered to women with curves, so you know they'll have some good jean options.

Pros: We love how inclusive this brand is. Not only is it designed for women sizes 10 to 30, but you can buy jeans catered to your height as well. You can choose your length, including short (30.5 inches) and extra short (28.5 inches).

Cons: Torrid's store locations are only in Ontario and Alberta, but the brand has plans to expand across the country. As you patiently wait for one to open near you, try ordering from them online. Luckily, they ship to Canada!

Available styles: Torrid has every kind of style you'd want, such as boot cut, skinny, flare and girlfriend (pictured above). Their jeans also come in a ton of colours, including sand, dark purple, olive green, white and black.

Praise: Customer 'Kazy' loves Torrid's vintage boyfriend jeans. On their site, she wrote: "Am pleasantly surprised how perfect they are. Thought they would be a bit boxy and give saggy elephant butt look, but no! They are great! The waist is perfect height and size and they are more snug around the thighs and hips without gripping on for dear life. True to size."

6. Loft


The lowdown: Loft specifically makes petite, curvy jeans to accommodate short women and their booties.

Pros: This brand just gets us. According to their site, their curvy jeans have a "streamlined fit from hip to hem" and are "contoured to flatter hips and thigh." The jeans are also made with a soft, stretchy material.

Cons: Unfortunately, the brand doesn't offer extended sizes, so their jeans only fit women size 0 to 16.

Available styles: Loft's petite jeans come in a variety of styles such as boot cut, skinny, crop, boyfriend and straight, however their petite, curvy jeans only come in skinny, straight and crop.

Praise: "Fit like a glove!" one customer wrote on Loft's website about their white skinny jeans (pictured above). "These fit like they were made for my body!!! I wish they made more curvy clothes!"

7. Topshop

The lowdown: Topshop sells petite clothes aimed at women 5'3" and under.

Pros: What's not to love about Topshop? Since the retailer is always on top of trends, you'll definitely be able to find a great pair of jeans in a unique style (that's also in your size), such as these zip-front Joni jeans.

Cons: The size range here isn't as comprehensive as other brands either, and only goes from size 24 to 30 (waist in inches).

Available styles: Topshop offers cropped, skinny, straight and ripped jeans in petite sizes. The jeans also come in all rises and various colours.

Praise: In response to someone's tweet, one user wrote on Twitter: "You're just like me short with big thighs 😩 but seriously topshop jeans fit perfectly for petite sizes like ours."

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