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Things To Do In Winnipeg For An Enjoyable Staycation

Putting the "win" in "Winnipeg", one activity at a time.

When Canadians get the urge to head outdoors, some pick up their bikes and pick a path along Alberta's Kananaskis country. Others lace up their shoes and hit the pavement along Nova Scotia's Cabot Trail. And so long as the weather's co-operative, kayaking or canoeing's also an option in Vancouver.

But if you're looking for something different, you might want to consider Winnipeg.

Yes, the city that's associated with brutal winters actually has a surprising amount of activities ideal for anyone looking to climb a tree or go catfishing (no, not the kind that involves online dating).

If you're still unsold, watch Winnipegger Adeline Bird and "Like A Tourist" host Emily Anonuevo give it their best shot in the video above.

What To Do: Climb (And Chill Out In) A Tree

St-Vital Park, 190 River Rd.

Remember when you were little and climbed trees with abandon? Those days may be gone but Barkman Tree Climbing gives adults the option of strapping themselves into a harness (safety first!) and hoisting themselves to the top of the city's bigger trees. If that sounds exhausting, you can always take a nap once you've hit the peak.

What To Eat: Go Vegan At Boon Burger Cafe

79 Sherbrook St.

If you didn't think a vegan burger place could exist in North America, you haven't tried Boon Burger. The eatery prides itself as the "Canada first vegan burger bar" since opening in 2010 and serves up 26 different kinds of meat-free burgers.

What To See: Winnipeg's 'True River Monster'

Selkirk Park

Follow the Red River north of Winnipeg and you'll come across Selkirk Park. Beneath the waters lie one of the city's most fearsome fish: the catfish. They're bottom dwellers, so it'll take some effort to reel them in, but once you get up close, you'll find these creatures are something to behold.

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