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Fall Baby Names That Are As Majestic As The Season

There's no shortage of them.

There's something so magical about when summer turns to fall. Not only does the air get crisper, but watching the world around us change into beautiful warm-toned colours is nothing short of enchanting. And to top it all off, fall signals family time as the weather cools and holidays, such as Thanksgiving, quickly approach.

If you're expecting a baby around this time, you might want to consider naming your child after the awe-inspiring season. After all, there's no shortage of fall baby names (ahem, Autumn).

With that said, here are 10 monikers we love that are as majestic as the season.

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1. Bronwyn

This Welsh name sounds like something straight out of "Lord of the Rings." Bronwyn means "dark and pure," which can be a lovely reference to the shorter days in fall and the clean, crisp air that rolls in this time of year. The name can also be spelt Bronwen, which is the more common female spelling in Wales.

2. Phoenix

Phoenix isn't a fall name just because it means "dark red." The moniker also belongs to the mythical bird that can be reborn from its ashes. This ties in nicely with fall, since the season also signals a new beginning for many people.

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3. Gaia

The best part about fall is watching the leaves change colour. You can easily pay tribute to this with the name Gaia (pronounced GUY-ah), which means "earth mother." Emma Thompson famously chose this name for her daughter in 1999.

4. Indigo

There are a ton of colour names that are associated with fall, but Indigo is by far our favourite. While Indigo is a deep blue-purple rather than a warm tone, it gives a nod to the cooler days of fall.

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5. Roux

Roux (pronounced Roo) is a unique colour name that means brownish-red. Fun fact: it's also a cooking term for a sauce thickener that consists of equal parts flour and butter. Since fall and comfort food go hand-in-hand, this name actually makes a lot of sense for a wee one born during the cool season.

6. Sienna

When you think of Sienna, your first thought is likely the Italian city (or maybe the actress Sienna Miller). However, the moniker is also the name of an orange-red clay. Sienna is the perfect name for parents who want a fall-inspired name that isn't too obvious.

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7. Aster

Aster is the name of a purple, daisy-like plant, which just happens to be the birth flower for September. We love that this name is short and sweet, and is a great choice for parents who don't want something that sounds too feminine. Fun fact: Aster is also the Greek word for star.

8. Jorah

"Game of Thrones" fans recognize this name from the show, but before it gained popularity on HBO, Jorah was a biblical name meaning "autumn rain." We love that Jorah has a strong and charming sound, and also has a subtle connection to nature.

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9. Aubrey

Auburn is a pretty obvious fall name, which is why we prefer the variation Aubrey. The beauty of this name is that its unisex and has a sophisticated sound, but in a cool, laid-back kind of way. After all, why do you think the parents of Canadian rapper Drake chose this for his first name?

10. Demetria

Demetria is an alternate form of Demeter, which is a name that belongs to the Greek goddess of agriculture and the harvest. While Demeter is a great unisex name inspired by fall, Demetria is a beautiful variation for those who want a moniker with a more feminine sound.

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