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Easy Stretches To Stay Limber When You're Out At The Bar

Jager bombs won't do much to relieve your hip pain, pal.

It's Friday night. You've had a long week at work. You're ready to unload all that stress with a few pals and some delicious beverages, maybe a hot wing or two. Time to hit the bar! And if there happens to be a dancefloor, all the better.

But wait! What are you going to do to relieve the pain in your poor hips from sitting all those hours in the office? Jager bombs won't help much with that (in the long-term, anyway). And your aching legs from all that standing at the bar waiting for a drink - is there no relief in sight?

Luckily, the folks at Toronto-based clinic, Myodetox, have three easy exercises to help you de-stress your body and stay limber while you're out on the town, gallivanting.

Watch the video for these three easy moves:

Figure 4 on a bar stool - stretches hips that are tight from sitting and relieves lower back pain.

Thoracic rotation - helps reduce pain in neck, shoulder, hip and lower back, and helps you breathe and digest.

Couch stretch - stretches tight hip flexors from prolonged standing and prevents knee and back pain.

We all know that sitting for prolonged periods is terrible for you — it's linked to premature death as well as a host of other health risks; diabetes and obesity, to name a few. And it also does a number on your joints and back. So take advantage of your Friday-night freedom and stretch out your workday woes. Your hips and knees will thank you.

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