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Thanksgiving Table Settings To Make Your Dinner Even More Insta-Worthy

These are all on point.

If it's your turn to host Thanksgiving this year, you'll likely want everything to be perfect, from the turkey to the dessert and even the décor. But while prepping the food is more time-consuming than it is difficult, the table settings take far more thought to whip together.

What colours will you use? What will the centerpiece be? And what about the tablecloth? With so many decisions to make in so little time, we rounded up some greats ideas to inspire your Thanksgiving feast.

Here are 15 spectacular ways to set the dinner table this holiday season and give your guests something truly Insta-worthy to gush about.

Leave a sweet note

Make flowers your centerpiece

Use a flannel blanket for a more homey look

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Forget fall colours

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Include the menu

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Keep it classy with a touch of orange

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Or a lot of orange

Use a fun tablecloth

Warm the room with lots of candles (and amazing hand-drawn place settings)

Use fruit for added interest

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Channel the sun with yellow accents

Use contrasting colours

Personalize each setting

Make pumpkins your centerpiece

Include a silly gag

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