09/28/2017 16:33 EDT | Updated 09/29/2017 10:22 EDT

Netflix Should Spend $500M On 'Insane Season' Of 'Littlest Hobo,' Genius Reddit User Proposes

What about a reboot of 'Breaker High'? Maybe 'The Red Green Show'?

News of Netflix's $500-million injection into original Canadian productions was welcomed by many in the country's arts industry.

And while it's still early to see what kind of shows and movies will emerge from the generous investment, Reddit users are already sharing some great ideas.

Some suggested rebooting older shows such as "Breaker High" and "Reboot." Others proposed sequels like "Are you Afraid of the Dark: the Next Generation."

Those ideas are pretty sweet, but they pale in comparison to this glorious proposal that shot straight to the top of the thread:

"Put all 500 million into a single insane season of the Littlest Hobo," wrote user bcestau.

Another user expanded on the bold idea:

"Littlest Hobo, directed by Michael Bay and Queten(sic) Tarantino. More blood, nudity, explosions and violence then any series the world has ever seen," wrote DarkPrinny.

The show, if you are unaware, is about a dog extremely good boy that solves crimes and helps strangers as he travels across the country.

Sure, $500 million is a lot of money to spend on one show. Even one of Netflix's most expensive productions, "The Crown," cost a comparatively measly $130 million.

But what would you rather have? Two or three more seasons about the life of a monarch? Or 22 high-octane AND heartwarming episodes starring this furry hero?

The choice is clear.

So, if by some combination of financial stupidity and infinite love for CanCon, Netflix decided to blow its $500-million investment on one single Canadian production, what would you choose?

"The Littlest Hobo?"

Maybe "The Red Green Show"?

How about a little indie hit called "Corner Gas"?

Or maybe it's high time we put some gas back into Persephone to reboot "The Beachcombers?"

Or something else entirely? Let us know in the comments below.