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20 Scary Movies You Can Watch On Netflix Canada This October

Don't forget to have a blanket with you.

When it comes to scary movies, people can generally be divided into two camps: those who love them and those who hate them.

If you're part of the latter group, why are you here? But if you're of the former, ~welcome~.

If you're looking for some truly scary movies to enjoy in the days leading up to Halloween, check out our list below of 20 spooky flicks you can watch this October on Netflix Canada.

And hey, if you're not into scary movies and you're still here, here's a list of other non-scary films and TV shows that are being released on the streaming service this month.

"Cult of Chucky"


What's not to love about a redheaded doll who has murder on his mind? (Serious question: do dolls really have minds of their own?) In the latest installment of the Chucky series, we find the doll looking to terrorize his new victim, Nica, as well as settling up some scores with old enemies with the help of his former wife.

"1922" (Out Oct. 22)


Netflix's feature film "1922" is the latest Stephen King adaptation in 2017, but it could arguably be one of the best. In this gothic horror set in 1922, a rancher (played by Thomas Jane) conspires to murder his wife for financial gain, convincing his teenage son to participate.



The third film in "The Ring" series, "Rings" takes place 13 years after the original. A group of people known as "The Sevens", who are involved in an experiment involving a cursed video, watch and film themselves, before passing the task to another person, called a "tail."

"Gerald's Game"


Another Stephen King adaptation, this film centres around the story of Jessie, who is left fighting for her life when her husband dies unexpectedly in their remote lake house while she is handcuffed to their bed frame.

"Little Evil"


In this kooky comedy-horror film, Gary, who has just married Samantha, the woman of his dreams, discovers that her six-year-old son may be the Antichrist. Cool!



In this remake of the classic 1960 film, a young female embezzler arrives at the Bates Motel, which holds some terrible secrets between its walls.

"Insidious: Chapter 2"


Stars Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne reprise their roles as Josh and Renai Lambert, a husband and wife who attempt to uncover the secret that has left them connected to the spirit world.

"The Witch"


This creepy folklore-esque film tells the story of a 1630s puritanical New England family, which is torn apart after a baby is taken by a witch. The eldest daughter is immediately thrown under suspicion, and her family believes she's responsible for the black magic that interrupts their simple lives. Oh, and we'd be remiss to mention an unforgettable appearance by Black Phillip, the goat.

"Before I Wake"


After their young son dies from drowning in a bathtub, a couple adopts an orphan whose dreams — and nightmares — manifest physically as he sleeps. Can you imagine if your nightmares became a reality?

"The Grudge"


Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in this horror hit as a nurse who's exposed to a supernatural curse, which locks a person in a rage before claiming their life and spreading to another victim.

"Silent Hill"


Based on the video game of the same name, "Silent Hill" follows Rose and her adopted daughter Sharon, who end up in the town of Silent Hill. When they arrive, Rose gets involved in a car accident and awakens to find Sharon missing. As she searches for her daughter, Rose fights a cult while uncovering the town's creepy past.

"The Fly"


"The Fly" is one of those movies where once you see it, you never need to watch it again — it's that gross. Jeff Goldblum stars as scientist Seth Brundle, who starts to transform into a giant — yep, you guessed it — fly when one of his experiments goes wrong. The film gets bonus ick factor points for showing us Brundlefly's penis, which falls off, in a bottle.

"The Wailing"


When a stranger arrives in a small village, a mysterious sickness starts spreading. In order to save his daughter from catching the illness, a policeman is forced to figure out how it started, and how to stop it.

"Green Room"


Hailed by critics as one of the best movies of 2016, with a 90 per cent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, "Green Room" is about a punk rock band that is forced to fight for survival after witnessing a murder at a neo-Nazi skinhead bar. In 2017, the film received an Empire Award nomination for Best Horror.

"Deliver Us From Evil"


Eric Bana stars as NYC cop Ralph Sarchie who has "seen some horrible things, but nothing that can't be explained by human nature." Until he sees something that can't be explained by human nature. Sarchie teams up with a priest who knows a heck of a lot about exorcism to fight the possessions that are terrorizing the city's inhabitants.

"Evil Dead"


Five friends go to a remote cabin (it's always a remote cabin, isn't it?) for a fun getaway, but when one of them comes across a Book of the Dead, hell is (literally) unleashed as demons are summoned to terrorize and possess them. Only one is left standing and their chances of survival are pretty slim.

"Train to Busan"


When a zombie virus with no known cause or cure breaks out in South Korea, passengers on a train from Seoul to Busan struggle to survive. Basically, this is our worst nightmare. We mean, it must be next-to-impossible to escape zombies on a train!



A newlywed couple (one half of whom is Ygrette from "Game of Thrones"!) finds their cottage honeymoon descend into chaos after Paul finds Bea wandering and disoriented outside in the middle of the night. As the honeymoon continues, it's clear that something is just not right with Bea. Not recommended for newlyweds.

"The Invitation"


While attending a dinner party at his former home, Will thinks his ex-wife and her new husband have sinister intentions for their guests. A modern psychological thriller, "The Invitation" makes the audience ask themselves: Is Will just being super paranoid or is he right in thinking that the dinner is an evil plot for murder?

"It Follows"


After having sex with a boy, a teen finds herself with a sexually transmitted, um, nightmare, which makes her feel that something, or someone, is after her. Unfortunately, she can only get rid of it by passing it along to someone else. If that isn't a lesson in having safe sex, we don't know what is.

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