10/05/2017 12:58 EDT | Updated 10/06/2017 13:47 EDT

Pinterest's Most Searched Halloween Costumes For 2017 Are Epic Throwbacks

Kids of the '80s and '90s will get a kick out of this nostalgia.

If you grew up in the '80s and '90s, then this year's Halloween trends will be right up your alley! Turns out the most searched Halloween costumes on Pinterest for 2017 are epic throwbacks inspired by Disney, Barbie dolls and Nickelodeon's "Rugrats."

Specifically, "Beauty and the Beast" has quickly inspired one of the most popular costumes for 2017. According to the social media site, searches for costumes such as Gaston and his fawning maids have risen 680 per cent in the past year!


This shouldn't come as a huge surprise considering Disney's live-action remake broke box office records back in March and received positive reviews all around for its feminist twist.

But while you'd expect Belle to inspire quite a few pins, Gaston is certainly an amusing choice. If you've ever seen the videos of actors playing the pompous, self-absorbed character at Disney World, then you know how fun this costume can be.


Another costume high in searches is Barbie, but more specifically, her partner Ken. The costume is up 435 per cent this year, and the only explanation we can think of for this is Beyonce and Jay Z.

If you recall, the music superstars dressed as original 1959 Barbie and Black collector's edition Ken for Halloween last year, complete with their very own life-sized boxes.

Here's a photo of Bey slaying her outfit last year for reference:

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

And finally, as Cosmopolitan noted, "Rugrats" is coming back in a big way. According to trends, searches for the Nickelodeon characters Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica, and the rest of the squad are up 150 per cent.


But by far the most interesting throwback costume to trend this year has to be famous art instructor and TV host Bob Ross and his painted tree. According to Pinterest, this couples costume has been pinned over 25,000 times!


Of course, Pinterest also identified some obvious trends. "Game of Thrones" characters such as Daenerys and Jon Snow made the list (up 91 and 280 per cent, respectively), as well as costumes inspired by "Stranger Things" (up 40 per cent) and Wonder Woman (pinned more than 60,000 times!).

Last month, Pinterest and fashion search platform Lyst also released their predictions for the top costumes of 2017, which included many of Pinterest's most searched outfits. Naturally, the one that topped their predictions turned out to be the costume with skyrocketing interest. This year, searches for clown makeup have increased by 941 per cent thanks to the film adaptation of Stephen King's It.


Click here for Pinterest's full list of most searched Halloween costumes for 2017.

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