10/06/2017 17:03 EDT | Updated 10/07/2017 06:07 EDT

Saskatchewan bishops apologize, send out new letter about HPV shots

REGINA — Saskatchewan bishops and the Catholic school division have apologized and sent out a new letter to parents about the human papillomavirus vaccine.

Late last month, a letter had been sent out to Catholic school boards and parents, cautioning them about the moral implications of the vaccine.

But it turns out that was a decade-old letter that was sent out in error.

Brett Salkeld with the Archdiocese of Regina says "it was adequate at the time and it was true at the time," but there is now more information about the vaccine.

The new letter says it is up to parents to make responsible decisions about their children “according to their own conscience,” while being informed by both “scientific findings and their faith.”

The letter also says the decisions are a matter of public health.

Salkeld says the bishops talked with cancer researchers and health-care professionals to ensure they were sending out updated and accurate information.

“All of us are going to have our radars up before these kinds of public communications go out again," he says.