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Sam Roberts On Loving Life In Music And The Key To Happiness

Ask Sam Roberts what keeps him going and he'll tell you there's nothing else he's built to do. "It's a passion that I've had since I was young," he says -- a life he and his bandmates imagined for themselves but never really thought possible.

In his 15-year career, Roberts and his eponymous band worked to realize their dreams and managed to create a career out of their life ambition. They've toured the world, recorded hit albums and carved their place in the Canadian consciousness, ensuring that any conversation about 21st century rock and roll includes the Sam Roberts Band.

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In the final leg of the Terraform tour (their latest, Juno-nominated album), the group sat down with legendary Canadian producer Gavin Brown to talk about life on road, their passions and the key to loving and living the life you want.

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A career in music isn't easy, Roberts admits, saying that touring can sometimes be monotonous as well as both physically and emotionally taxing. At the same time, being on the road is often the best part of the job.

"We have too much of a blast, probably, for our own good," he says. "But that's kind of how we've kept our band together all these years -- enjoying every day that we spend out there and seeing it as a privilege to make a living doing this."

It's also incredible to see the impact the music has on fans, Roberts explains. He describes moments when fans leave all inhibitions behind, connect with other audience members and sing along.

"Looking out and seeing people's faces -- there's no lie there. You know that your music...makes them feel something. It makes them feel something deeply and that's the best you can ever hope for."

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It's the hope Dave Nugent (lead guitar), Eric Fares (keyboard, guitar), James Hall (bass), Josh Trager (drums), Chet Doxas (woodwinds) and Roberts (lead vocals, guitar) had for themselves since they were kids on the swim team -- before they were even a music group.

"The fact that we wore speedos together everyday -- that's a deep connection for sure," Roberts says with a laugh.

That camaraderie is partly the key to the group's success, adding that criticism also strengthened the group's resolve. He says the highs seemed sweeter when they had to fight for it. That's what the group does every single day; they're constantly on an adventure to find the next thing -- their next musical project.

"The passion for it hasn't run out," Roberts says. And we feel that in the music. With every song and every album we see art in motion and that, in and of itself, inspires fans to live out loud. [No matter where life has taken Roberts as a musician, he has followed his lifelong passion for music, allowing him to love and live his life.

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