10/17/2017 23:02 EDT | Updated 10/19/2017 14:11 EDT

Canada Winter Forecast Predicts Lots Of Snow, Arctic Blasts

Expect it to be colder than last year.

Dario Ayala/Reuters
Danny Luis shovels snow around his car after a late winter storm in Montreal on March 15, 2017.

Skiers, rejoice! Canada's winter forecast is here and it's snowy.

Both the Rockies and much of eastern Canada can expect plenty of powder this year, according to AccuWeather in a press release.

"Compared to last winter, the upcoming winter is expected to be colder from the eastern Prairies to Quebec," said AccuWeather's senior meteorologist Brett Anderson. "There are opportunities for several significant snow events from Windsor through Toronto and up into Ottawa and Montreal this winter, especially in January and February."

Even Canada's most snow-averse — that would be Vancouverites and Victorians — can expect some of the white stuff this year.


In the Prairies, temperatures will drop to dangerous lows, along with waves of arctic air expected to blast across the region multiple times.

"These arctic intrusions will be short-lived and followed up by fairly quick warmups in the western Prairies, including Calgary and Edmonton," said the release.

Maritimers are in for something different.

"Cloudier and milder conditions will prevail in cities such as Saint John, Halifax and Charlottetown," Anderson said.

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