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Anna Faris Reveals Son’s Health Battle Made Her Bond With Chris Pratt Stronger

"It felt like it was us against the world."

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt have always been open about the health issues their five-year-old son, Jack, battled after birth. But in her new memoir, Unqualified, Faris got real about how the "emotionally exhausting" experience helped make her and her now ex a stronger couple.

In August 2012, Jack was born nine weeks early and weighed 3 pounds, 12 ounces. As a result, he had a number of health complications.

"The pediatric neurosurgeon sat Chris and me down to tell us that Jack had some severe brain bleeding and there was a chance that he could be developmentally disabled," Faris wrote in her book. "I was in complete shock ... So Chris and I did what we could, which was hold hands and hope and face it together."

It felt like it was us against the world.

Doctors told Faris and Pratt that they would not know if their son would have special needs until he reached about 18 months.

"These moments can be hard on couples, but for us it really brought us together," the 40-year-old mom revealed. "It felt like it was us against the world."

After spending one month in the neonatal intensive care unit, Jack was able to go home with his parents. Now his only health limitations are minor vision and leg muscle issues.

"Today, Jack is at a beautiful age," Faris said of her five-year-old. "He's a really good kid and he's happy and delicious and likes cuddles."

Anna Faris, Chris Pratt, and their son Jack attend the ceremony honouring Pratt with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in April 2017.

Pratt previously opened up about how his son's health complications changed him, telling People magazine in 2014 that the experience "restored my faith in God, not that it needed to be restored, but it really redefined it."

"The baby was so beautiful to us, and I look back at the photos of him and it must have been jarring for other people to come in and see him, but to us he was so beautiful and perfect," the 38-year-old dad added.

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Although Faris and Pratt announced their separation in August, they have continued to make their son their No. 1 priority.

"Our son has two parents who love him very much and for his sake we want to keep this situation as private as possible moving forward," the couple said in a statement on Pratt's Facebook page.

Earlier this week, Faris also spoke to People about her relationship with Pratt post-split.

"We'll always have each other and be incredible friends," she told the site. "There is still so much laughter in our lives together ... We truly adore each other, and we love each other."

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