10/24/2017 09:57 EDT | Updated 10/24/2017 10:47 EDT

Retail Workers, We Want To Hear Your Sales Tales Of Woe

Regale us with some nightmares.

A screengrab from a YouTube video shows a chaotic scene at one of Sears Canada's stores during liquidation.

Shoppers checking out Sears Canada's liquidation sales have been extremely, let's say, thorough in their search for lucrative deals.

So much so that scenes like this have popped up in some stores:

These images may be shocking to those of us who have never worked in retail. But for those that have, this might bring back some memories nightmares of past sales.

If you work in retail, now or in the past, we want to hear about your sales nightmares. Share your stories in the comment section below or send them in an email to

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