10/25/2017 20:19 EDT | Updated 10/26/2017 14:44 EDT

'Justin Trudeau' And 'Barack Obama' Kittens Up For Adoption In Vancouver

"Justin Trudeau loves catnip ... and he has leadership in his blood."

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters
Former U.S. president Barack Obama and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the North American Leaders' Summit in Ottawa on June 29, 2016.

Ever wanted to feed Justin Trudeau catnip?

Or watch Barack Obama flip out while playing with a ball of yarn?

Well, the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue is offering you the purr-fect chance to do that.

The Vancouver charity has two 11-week-old kittens up for adoption named after Canada's prime minister and the former U.S. president.

Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue
"By adopting Justin, you can rest assured that your true north will always remain strong and free."

The striped kitten named Justin Trudeau apparently loves catnip and although he "seems pretty unassuming at first, he has leadership in his blood," the charity said on its website. "By adopting Justin, you can rest assured that your true north will always remain strong and free."

"There were originally four kittens total in this litter, plus mom. We had Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, and mom is named Liberty," Heather Breland, who is taking care of the cats until they're adopted, wrote in an email to HuffPost Canada.

"I am an American (graciously) living in Canada, so I guess you could say I am supplementing my own reality right now," she said.

The group sets up temporary foster homes for abandoned kittens in B.C.'s Lower Mainland. Justin must be adopted as part of a pair — either with Barack Obama or any other cat.

Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue
Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue is offering little Justin Trudeau along with another kitten named Barack Obama.

"Bring a little bit of Canadian royalty into your home by sending in your ballot for him today!" the post reads.

When Breland first brought the kittens home, a friend joked that they should call the boy kitten, Barack, and the girl, Michelle.

"The rest of the names easily fell into place, and it wasn't long before we couldn't think of them as anything but tiny world leaders."

The black kitten named Barack Obama apparently takes after the 44th president in a number of different ways.

Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue
The charity says that 11-week-old kitten Barack Obama takes after the "refined" former U.S. president.

The post described the kitten as "refined and thoughtful, and loves to cut loose when the world isn't watching. When it comes to being adorable, he always gets the job done.

"When it comes to having the nuclear codes, would you trust any other cat? If you're ready for Cute You Can Believe In, vote Obama today!"

Breland said that while Joe, Liberty and Michelle all have homes now, "Barack and JT are still at the same foster home waiting for their perfect cabinet members."

Used Tinder to boost adoptions

The charity currently has over 110 animals up for adoption, so the cats named after the world leaders are likely being used as a draw to get residents interested in adopting.

The Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue is no stranger to rather outlandish ways to hook up their kittens with new owners.

In 2015, the charity created Tinder profiles of their volunteers holding some kittens in order for people to swipe right and possibly adopt or foster the kitties.

The charity said their adoption applications tripled after the stunt.

"I have to confess, I was a little worried that people might be mad when it was revealed they had been talking to a cat but, in fact, the opposite was true," the charity's Morgan Brayton told HuffPost B.C. in an email. "People were totally delighted."

Hopefully, kittens names for the bromance of the century will have the same effect.

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