10/25/2017 16:58 EDT | Updated 10/28/2017 17:23 EDT

Winnipeg letter bomb trial focuses on forensic evidence examined by officer

WINNIPEG — A police officer who gathered evidence at all three locations in Winnipeg where letter bombs were delivered in July 2015 has testified at the trial of Guido Amsel.

Const. Brian Neumann of the police identification unit outlined how pulverized metal fragments, strands of wire, plastic debris and biological material was gathered at the only scene where a bomb actually detonated.

That was the office of Maria Mitousis, the lawyer of Amsel's ex-wife, Iris Amsel, in the couple's divorce.

Mitousis, 38, was badly injured in the blast and ended up having to have her right hand amputated.

The trial was briefly paused Wednesday when Amsel asked to speak to his lawyer after the purple and orange carrying case which was used to deliver the bomb to Mitousis's office was entered into evidence.

Court was told the carrying case tested positive for an explosive substance.

Eventually Amsel stood in the courtroom and from a short distance away was given the opportunity to thoroughly look at the carrying case from all angles.

Amsel faces five counts of attempted murder, one count of aggravated assault and several explosives-related charges. Amsel has pleaded not guilty and is being tried by judge alone.

Other bombs that did not go off were found at Amsel's ex-wife's workplace and at the office of a lawyer that had represented Amsel in a lawsuit filed by his ex-wife.

(CTV Winnipeg)