10/31/2017 11:44 EDT | Updated 10/31/2017 12:19 EDT

Conservative MPs Are Debating Their Least Favourite Halloween Candy

And it threatens to divide them.

Colin McConnell/Getty Images and Justin Tang/Canadian Press

A new hotly contested issue is threatening to divide Canada's Tories.

Halloween candy.

A handful of Conservative MPs and a Conservative senator jumped on this year's "worst Halloween candy" social media bandwagon Tuesday morning, starting with Saskatchewan Sen. Denise Batters.

Ah, poor Molasses Kisses. Always getting the boot. But the usual debate over our least-favourite goodies took a sassy turn this year when in response to the National Post calling it the "worst possible food" Kerr's Candy defended its Molasses Kisses on Twitter.

And Liberal MP Catherine McKenna even spoke out in support of Kerr's.

And, on Tuesday, so did Conservative MP Lisa Raitt.

But then Conservative MP Michelle Rempel threw another worst-candy contender into the ring: Rockets.

That didn't sit well with CTV "Your Morning" co-host (and son of former prime minister Brian Mulroney) Ben Mulroney.

Or with this Twitter user who pointed out that Rockets are produced in Newmarket, Ont. ...

... which prompted Rempel to retract her statement.

Then Conservative MP Mark Strahl added his two cents about candy bars ...

... and we totally don't judge.

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