10/31/2017 12:44 EDT | Updated 10/31/2017 12:44 EDT

Prince William Wants George To Learn This Life-Saving Skill ASAP

He's only four, but he should know this by now.

Pool/Samir Hussein via Getty Images
Prince William and Prince George of Cambridge arrive at Warsaw airport during an official visit to Poland and Germany on July 17, 2017 in Warsaw, Poland.

Not many four year olds would know what to do in an emergency situation, which is why Prince William is going to make sure he teaches Prince George when and how to dial 999 (the U.K. equivalent of 911).

The life-saving lesson was on the Duke of Cambridge's mind after he attended London's 2017 Pride of Britain Awards on Monday. At the event, he met five-year-old Suzie McCash, who saved her mother's life last year by calling emergency responders after her mom collapsed and stopped breathing.

"I have a four-year-old called George and if I gave him a telephone I do not know what he would do..." Prince William told the young girl, who was honoured with the Child Of Courage award.

"And do you know what? I'm going to have a conversation with my George about what to do because of what you've done. It's really important."

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Prince William greets Suzie McCash as he attends the Pride Of Britain Awards at the Grosvenor House on October 30, 2017 in London, England.

According to, kids should know when and how to call 911 by age four. This means knowing what constitutes as an emergency, such as a fire, a break in or a parent collapsing.

Additionally, Kids Health notes that children should have their street address and phone number memorized so they can provide the information to emergency operators when asked. Parents should also remind their kids that while they shouldn't give out personal information, it's OK to do so when talking to an emergency worker.

In addition to acknowledging McCash's inspiring actions, Prince William also paid tribute to those who work in emergency services, specifically the firefighters who responded to the Grenfell Tower fire in June.

"We should all take a moment to understand and appreciate all emergency services personnel and what they achieve in their communities," William said.