10/31/2017 17:56 EDT | Updated 11/02/2017 19:23 EDT

Winnipeg councillor against addiction treatment centre, wants residents' views

WINNIPEG — A Winnipeg city councillor is raising objections to a proposed addition treatment centre.

Scott Oake's son Bruce died from an overdose more than six years ago and he's been working to open a treatment centre for long term patients in Winnipeg.

The city and province are eyeing the property that houses the decommissioned Vimy Arena in Assiniboia.

But Coun. Shawn Dobson says the neighbourhood could have concerns about this kind of project.

Dobson also wants the property put on the market for requests for proposals.

Mayor Brian Bowman says nothing is official and consultation will happen before any decisions are made.

Bowman is behind Oake's goal.

"I want to support him in any way I can whether or not this is the specific site location that's ultimately for council to consider," said Bowman.

Oake said the people staying there would have to follow strict guidelines. He says Fresh Start, a recovery centre from Calgary with 25 years of experience, will run the facility. Oake is confident when skeptics are better educated about the plan, they'll get on board.

"We're talking about a state of the art facility that will be a credit to the neighbourhood and a chance where people get to restart their lives," said Oake.

"We are talking about addressing a problem that which if we all work together we can save lives."

(CTV Winnipeg)