11/02/2017 13:57 EDT | Updated 11/03/2017 10:19 EDT

Saskatchewan Teacher Finds Random House On His Property

File this under Prairie Surprises of 2017.

Courtesy Patrick Maze
Saskatchewan teacher Patrick Maze said he found this house on his property.

Patrick Maze was driving to Saskatoon early in the morning last week when he saw a house on his property.

It did not belong to him.

"I thought it was really weird," the teacher, and current president of the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation, told HuffPost Canada.

Maze, who lives outside the town of Pilot Butte, Sask. on a 320-acre property, said he had a meeting to make and couldn't check out this random structure that materialized on his land.

Courtesy Patrick Maze
Patrick Maze spotted this house on his property while out for a walk.

He forgot all about it until days later, when he spotted the house again while out on a morning walk.

This time he took some photos, and put a question to his Facebook friends: Has anyone ever found a house before?

Maze explained that he didn't go inside the house and assumed the doors would be locked.

If you know someone who has lost a house, let me know.

"Perhaps someone stole it and took it for a joy ride, then ditched it on my property?" he wrote in the post over the weekend.

"If you know someone who has lost a house, let me know."

It turns out the house was ditched, just not by real-estate loving bandits.

Maze's post was shared hundreds of times and garnered more than 100 comments. One of the people to comment on his photos was Brenda Robertson.

"That's my house," she wrote.

Courtesy Patrick Maze

Robertson explained that provincial utility company SaskPower halted the house's transportation from Winnipeg, where it was built, due to permit issues. She asked Maze where the house was.

"Well, it's on my land," he replied.

He told her that while it wasn't a big deal — the tenant renting the land isn't currently using it — he didn't want to be held responsible should anything happen to it.

"Thanks for putting this on fb or else I would not know," Robertson wrote. "I'll try to get it off your land asap."

Robertson, who lives in Lumsden, Sask., said she was told by the movers that they had tried to contact Maze and his neighbours but could not reach them, according to CBC News.

The two eventually sorted things out. Maze told the broadcaster he expects the house to be moved Thursday.

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This is 'so Saskatchewan'

He said the reaction to his post and the story has been "very surprising."

"Brenda and I were on the national news in Canada this morning," he said, "and I found out that the story made news in Russia."

On the Facebook post, some people expressed their bewilderment at the story, while others couldn't resist cracking jokes. Some were just fascinated by the sheer politeness of it all.

"You've heard of 'dude where's my car', now we bring you 'dude where's my house'," one person said.

"This thread is so Saskatchewan," wrote another.

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