11/02/2017 14:22 EDT | Updated 11/02/2017 14:23 EDT

The Brick Shows Up Sears Canada With Hiring Fairs, Repair Offer

"We're here to help."

Don Denton/Canadian Press
The Brick, a furniture, appliance, electronics and home theatre store in Langford, B.C. Langford is a municipality in the greater Victoria area.

Furniture and appliance retailer The Brick is looking to cash in on Sears Canada's demise, offering to repair appliances covered under Sears Canada's extended warranties.

Not for free, of course but the chain is offering a $100 gift card to Sears Canada extended warranty holders to offset the cost of repairs.

The Brick also wants "to employ staff who will be displaced by the Sears closure." It is launching hiring fairs in markets where Sears stores have shut down, to fill 300 open positions at its stores.

That's a drop in the bucket when considering that 12,000 people stand to lose their jobs as Sears shuts down its 130 remaining stores across Canada.

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Sears Canada customers were dismayed to learn that the retailer would not honour several of its extended warranty plans as of Oct. 18.

The Brick says it is willing and able to fix appliances bought under warranty from Sears.

Customers "often ... purchase an extended warranty because it offers peace of mind. With the current situation, some customers have been left in the cold," said The Brick president Dave Freeman, in a statement issued Thursday.

"We want to alleviate some of this customer frustration by providing an alternative for those who need to have their appliances serviced or repaired. We are here to help."

And, uh, to make some money as well, right?

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