Christmas Gifts For Girlfriends That Are As Unique As They Are

Simple ideas, but with a fun twist.

There are a million and one things that you could get your girlfriend for Christmas, but if you want to get her something truly special, it has to be unique. That means instead of a simple sweatshirt, you get her a graphic body diversity sweatshirt with adorable cats (that is, if she's into cats).

Here at HuffPost Canada, we love simple gift ideas that have a fun twist, so if you're short on ideas of what to get your SO this year, here are 25 great Christmas gifts for girlfriends that they're sure to love.

1. Body diversity sweatshirt

Price: $50

Where to get it: Mimi & August

2. Maps of the world calendar 2018

Price: $26

Where to get it: Anthropologie

3. Adidas bold age track jacket