11/07/2017 11:18 EST | Updated 11/07/2017 11:18 EST

The Responses To This Remembrance Day Photo Challenge Are So Moving

Canadians are pretty deep, actually.

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A hero. Freedom. Peace.

While the daily photo challenges that Veterans Affairs Canada posed to Canadians this November might seem abstract, the responses have been nothing short of moving.

At the beginning of the month, the government agency started an "11 Days of Remembrance" social media campaign. Using the hashtag #CanadaRemembers, Veterans Affairs Canada is asking Canadians to post photo responses to daily challenges such as "a poppy," and "red."

On Tuesday, Nov. 7, the photo challenge was "a community cenotaph or memorial."


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The day before, it was "peace."

#Day6 of 11 Days of Remembrance... We want to see a symbol of peace or a peaceful moment in your day. #CanadaRemembers

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"Every year in November, we stop to remember, salute and honour Canada's veterans and active duty personnel," Veterans Affairs Canada wrote on their website.

"This year, we hope that Canadians from coast to coast to coast will join us to pay tribute to our heroes for their service and sacrifice. Let's start a social media movement that tells our veterans that #CanadaRemembers."

The agency also provides social media resources to encourage Canadians to change their Facebook cover photo, add a poppy to their profile photo, show their support, and update their Twitter background.

The "Photo-a-Day" challenges so far have also included "Passchendaele," "freedom," "favourite wartime book, poem or movie," and "red."

The final challenge, on Nov. 11, will be to post a photo of "a Ceremony of Remembrance or a moment of silence."

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