11/09/2017 11:05 EST | Updated 11/10/2017 10:32 EST

Montreal's Place Versailles Slammed For Santa Visit On Remembrance Day

Santa Claus arrives about an hour before ceremonies are held to honour Canada's war dead.

Melpomenem via Getty Images
The mall says it isn't logistically possible to have Santa come another day.

The mall's management has been lambasted online — with social media users calling on Santa's visit to be rescheduled.

Entrance by helicopter

But in response, the mall says it isn't logistically possible to have Santa come another day.

Santa's elaborate entrance by helicopter has been promoted for several days.

Management apologized in a Facebook post and says it will also mark Remembrance Day in some fashion.

"We apologize deeply to all those who were shocked by this choice of date," they wrote. "We will make the necessary arrangements to honour all those who served our country on November 11th."