11/10/2017 10:41 EST | Updated 11/10/2017 10:41 EST

Montreal's 'Honest Toddler' Gets Real Honest In Epic Twitter Rant

"Going forward all tweets will [be] by Honest Toddler’s black a** mom."

Twitter/Bunmi Laditan

The "Honest Toddler" who voices their outrage across several wildly popular social media accounts with more than one million combined followers has had to put up with a lot.

Having to stay in bed until sunrise. A granola bar that broke in half. Toast without enough butter on it.

Wow. Just when you thought someone loved you. I asked for breakfast not a crime scene and honestly do not know what this is. It resembles toast but I'm confused because in most cultures, food isn't murdered in half before serving. I know you're frustrated because of your life and hair, but please, please do not take it out on my breakfast. And one more question, are we very poor? I only ask because of the one thimble-full of butter you've rationed for me. Am I a mouse? Please get your finances in order so that I can grow. Maybe return one of your 800 black leggings. Just a suggestion. Anyway, I ask that those of you reading this lift me up in your thoughts and prayers as I struggle to make sense of this transgression snack. Grandma, if you're available, please pick me up. No, I'm not dressed. I never am and neither is she. xo HT

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But, after years of bemoaning injustices of childhood, "Honest Toddler" finally snapped.

Seemingly in response to allegations of sexual misconduct against comedian Louis C.K. the latest in a growing list of allegations against Hollywood stars "Honest Toddler" founder Bunmi Laditan pulled back the curtain and started tweeting as herself Thursday afternoon.

And it was epic.

Montreal mother Bunmi Laditan, who is also the author of Confessions of a Domestic Failure, has typically not shied away from speaking out in the past. Using her trademark dry humour and wit, Laditan picked a public battle with her child's school in August over the amount of homework given, and in October she revealed she'd been suffering from postpartum depression for three years.

After taking over the "Honest Toddler" twitter account Thursday even changing the name to "Honest Toddler's Mom" and swapping out the old profile photo of an image of animal crackers to one of Laditan's own smirk Laditan tweeted out her opinions on U.S. President Donald Trump, Louis C.K., and the backlash against NFL players who chose to kneel during the national anthem.

Laditan also confronted those who questioned whether she was worried about her fanbase, ruining her career, and even whether she was intoxicated.

Responses on Twitter, however, were largely positive.

On Instagram, in response to someone assuming she'd been hacked, Laditan responded in typical fashion.

This post is just for Dale. Not hacked. Just fresh outta fucks and want to be 100% myself. ☺️💜😘

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"Not hacked," she wrote.

"Just fresh outta f*cks and want to be 100% myself."

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