11/12/2017 15:19 EST | Updated 11/15/2017 09:23 EST

Caroline Ouellette And Julie Chu, Ex-Captains Of Canada And U.S. Women’s Hockey Teams, Had A Baby

A love story for the ages.

Our faith in love has been restored! Hockey legends — and former competitors — Caroline Ouellette and Julie Chu just welcomed a baby together.

The arrival of Liv Chu-Ouellette was announced to the world on Twitter by Shannon Miller, who coached Ouellette during her college hockey career, NBC Sports reported.

Considered two of the greatest female hockey players of all time, Ouellette and Chu have squared off against each other on several occasions.

We're surprised their love story hasn't already spawned a movie.

Ouellette, 38, captained the Canadian women's hockey team to victory at the Sochi Olympics and has four Olympic gold medals. She is also one of only three women to have won the Clarkson Cup and possess gold medals from both the Olympics and the world hockey championships.

Chu, 35, is a four-time Olympian and the second-most decorated American woman in the history of the Winter Games. She also captained the U.S. national women's hockey team from 2011 to 2013.

Further evidence of their love being destiny? When they played against each other, they both wore number 13.

Robert Laberge via Getty Images
Forward Caroline Ouellette #13 of Canada knocks down forward Julie Chu #13 of the USA as she tries to play the puck during the women's ice hockey gold medal game on Feb. 21, 2002 at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.

The pair are now teammates in the Canadian Women's Hockey League, where they and their fellow Canadiennes de Montreal took home the Clarkson Cup last season.

Can you say power couple?

Chu is on the team's extended roster due to her commitment as a head coach at Concordia University. Ouellette was on the Canadiennes active roster, but Eyes On The Prize reported that she was taking leave at the beginning of the season.

Hockey fans on social media celebrated the baby news, and many pointed out the stark contrast between women's and men's hockey.

Women's hockey is lauded for its inclusivity, with openly gay players playing professionally. Women's hockey also features Harrison Browne, the first openly transgender professional hockey player.

On the flipside, men's hockey is often criticized for fostering an environment of racismand homophobia despite efforts through initiatives like You Can Play to change that. There has never been an openly gay NHL player.

It's hard to pretend that men's hockey doesn't still have a long way to go.

But for now, we're going to focus on the positives. Like the adorable baby these two female powerhouses have added to their family.

The only question left is if baby Liv picks up a hockey stick, what national team will she play for?

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