11/13/2017 16:28 EST | Updated 11/13/2017 16:46 EST

Nova Scotia's Donair Cam Is A 24-7 Gift For The Entire World

So you can drool whenever, wherever.

Donair Cam
The live feed comes from King of Donair in Halifax.

Halifax is taking its love of the donair to the next level.

Almost two years after the city hailed the savoury delight as its "official food," local favourite King of Donair has set up a livestream of donair meat spinning infinitely on a spit.

The 24-7 drool de force (sorry) is appropriately titled Donair Cam and was set up with Nova Scotia Webcams, which has more than 70 feeds running from across the province.

It only makes sense for the feed to be beamed out of King of Donair's Quinpool Road location. The restaurant has become a late-night staple since it opened in 1973, when Peter Gamoulakos remixed the Greek gyro into the delicious vehicle of flavour it is today.

Even celebrity chef and author Anthony Bourdain has praised the mighty donair.

"I look for unique foods, unique to the region," Bourdain said in an interview with the Halifax Chronicle Herald in 2014. "It is your most famous, it's the signature dish ... like the New York dirty water hotdog."

Now, thanks to the marvel of modern technology, we can all collectively drool at Halifax's most famous dish.

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