11/14/2017 13:23 EST | Updated 11/14/2017 13:40 EST

Dems strategy in Alabama: keep your head down

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Democrat Doug Jones is adopting a fierce, keep-your-head-down strategy as scandal re-shapes Alabama's special Senate election.

His opponent, Republican Roy Moore, may be facing extraordinary pressure from national Republicans to quit the race. But Jones, like Democrats nationwide, is following one of the oldest rules in the political playbook: When your opponent is imploding, get out of the way.

Jones said Tuesday that he's barely paying attention to what's happening "over there." He insisted, "We're going to stay in our lane."

Still, in deep-red Alabama, Jones' path to victory is simple, but not easy.

In almost any other state, the final-month bombshell would likely be enough to propel the Democrat to certain victory. Yet in deep-red Alabama, Moore's problems ensure only that the race will be close.