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Allan Schoenborn, B.C. Triple Child-Killer, Still Has Escorted Outings Available To Him

Allan Schoenborn killed his three children during a psychotic break.

VANCOUVER — A panel has decided against changing custodial conditions for a British Columbia man who killed his three children during a psychotic break.

The B.C. Review Board released its decision on Friday, following an annual review of Allan Schoenborn's case.

It says the 49-year-old must stay at the Forensic Psychiatric Hospital in Coquitlam, but could be allowed escorted visits into the community.

Schoenborn was found guilty of stabbing his daughter and smothering his sons in their home in Merritt in April 2008, but a judge later ruled he was not criminally responsible for the deaths because he was experiencing psychosis at the time.

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A mourner holds a program showing the pictures of Max, Kaitlynne and Cordon Schoenborn during a public memorial in Merritt, B.C. on April 27, 2008.

Crown counsel Wendy Dawson argued last week that the board should withdraw the discretionary power it gave the Forensic Psychiatric Hospital in Coquitlam two years ago to allow Schoenborn accompanied access into the community.

But defence lawyer Dante Abbey told the board the possibility of escorted outings is an important tool to motivate Schoenborn in his recovery and withdrawing it would do further harm.

The children's mother, Darcie Clarke, released a statement after the decision was announced.

"For Allan, he could be in our community at any time without the public's knowledge because the Review Board does not have the public's safety as their paramount concern," Clarke wrote. "​​I live in the Tri-Cities and I will now live in consistent fear that he will move ahead with his threats against me, because as he has said, I am 'unfinished business.'"

She also challenged B.C. politicians and the review board to answer for the decision.

"For the politicians and members of the B.C. Review Board who allowed this decision to happen, let me ask you: would you want a triple child killer to spend time with you or your family in your community? If you answered 'yes', you are lying. If you answered, 'no', then what are you doing to fix our broken legal and mental health systems?'

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