11/17/2017 11:24 EST | Updated 11/17/2017 11:40 EST

Day parole extended for man who killed Calgary teenager with pickaxe

CALGARY — The Parole Board of Canada says a man who killed a Calgary teenager with a pickaxe more than a decade ago continues to do well with some limited freedom.

The board has granted Marko Miljevic another six months of day parole after a hearing held earlier this week.

Miljevic, who is now 29, is serving a life sentence for the murder of Matt McKay.

The 17-year-old was killed following an argument at a house party in a Calgary southeast neighbourhood in September 2007.

Drunk and high, Miljevic picked up a pickaxe and hit McKay in the head.

At the hearing, the parole board said reviews of Miljevic’s behaviour have been glowing.

“While on day parole, you have abided by the conditions of your parole, respected the rules, worked co-operatively with your case management team, maintained employment, avoided negative associations, maintained your sobriety and successfully completed weekend passes,” the board said in documents obtained by CHQR Radio in Calgary.

Miljevic was first granted day parole a year ago.

“Your release plan, should day parole be continued, is to reside at the same community-based residential facility, maintain your current job and continue to meet with the counsellor,” the decision reads.

“No more programming is required.”

Miljevic will need to continue to abide by a number of conditions, which include abstaining from alcohol and drugs and avoiding contact with McKay’s family.

Miljevic became eligible for full parole in September, but so far has not applied for it.