11/17/2017 11:06 EST | Updated 11/17/2017 12:22 EST

Green leader senses NDP support for Site C, calls it 'irritating'

VICTORIA — The future of the Site C hydroelectric dam is the subject of pointed questions from labour unions, environmental groups, Indigenous Peoples and high-ranking civil servants with the British Columbia government who want answers about the projected costs of scrapping the $8.3-billion project.

The New Democrat government says it will decide by the end of the year whether to cancel the megaproject or continue construction, but one opponent already senses the government will complete Site C.

Green Leader Andrew Weaver says he does not have inside information, but he is convinced the NDP will decide to keep building the dam.

Weaver says he can't see the government laying off thousands of workers during the Christmas season.

He says the Greens will remind the NDP at every opportunity about its change of position if it keeps the project going.

The project also faces tough questions from senior officials in the Finance and Energy ministries who have written to the independent B.C. Utilities Commission wanting more answers about the costs of killing Site C.