11/19/2017 06:23 EST | Updated 11/19/2017 06:40 EST

Treasury chief a Bond villain? Mnuchin OK with comparison

WASHINGTON — The treasury secretary says he had no idea that a photo of him and his wife posing with a sheet of newly printed money would go viral.

And he says he's not bothered that some commentators suggested the pair looked like James Bond villains.

Steven Mnuchin had invited his wife, Louise Linton, to join him for what is usually a routine photo of a treasury secretary examining currency being printed with his signature.

But the photo from Wednesday's event became an internet sensation. It showed Mnuchin and Linton — who was wearing long black-leather gloves — holding the sheet of $1 bills.

Mnuchin — a former Hollywood producer — tells "Fox News Sunday" he probably should take it as a compliment that he's being linked to the successful Bond series.