11/20/2017 12:13 EST | Updated 11/20/2017 12:13 EST

Raffi Put Out A 'Baby Beluga' Board Game Just In Time For Christmas

"I'm about to order this for the children I don't even have yet."

Twitter/Raffi Cavoukian

The box says it's for ages three to 10, but we won't judge if adult fans of beloved children's entertainer Raffi Cavoukian order his new "Baby Beluga" board game for themselves.

The new game, based on Cavoukian's signature song of the same name, will be available online starting Dec. 1. It's cooperative, chlorine-free, recycled, and made with love, Cavoukian (known just as "Raffi" to fans) announced Thursday on Twitter and Facebook.

"I'm SO excited to announce The Baby Beluga Game feel like a proud papa!" Cavoukian wrote on his Facebook page.

Cavoukian, who has been called "the most popular children's singer in the English-speaking world" and "Canada's all-time children's champion," has been celebrating the 40th anniversary of the release of his first record ("Singable Songs for the Very Young") with an extensive North American tour.

Fans young and old (the latter referred to as "beluga grads") have flocked to Cavoukian's shows to delight in his folksy kids music, reminisce about their own childhoods, or both.

And news of "The Baby Beluga Game" gave Cavoukian's fans something else to be excited about.

"The world is complete," one woman commented on Cavoukian's Facebook announcement.

"I'm about to order this for the children I don't even have yet," wrote another.

"Am I too old to play?" asked another fan.

Paul Harris/Getty Images
Raffi entertains some children after a concert Sept. 10, 1989.

"The Baby Beluga Game" is a team effort by Cavoukian and fair-trade, indie game developer Suzanne Lyons of It features paintings by Ashley Wolff, who illustrated Cavoukian's Baby Beluga book, and comes with a free download of the "Baby Beluga" song and a 32-page illustrated booklet.

"A lot of care went into developing this game," Cavoukian wrote on Facebook.

It was "made with love," he added.

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