11/21/2017 13:31 EST | Updated 11/21/2017 13:43 EST

Newfoundlanders' Toronto Airport Party Is Proof Even Flight Delays Can Be Fun

Let this joy into your life.

Michelle Sacrey Philpott/Facebook
Musicians Sean Sullivan and Sheldon Thornhill busted out their instruments to entertain the crowd waiting for a flight in Toronto's Pearson Airport.

A group of travellers from Newfoundland and Labrador turned a delayed flight into one heck of a party on Monday.

Michelle Sacrey Philpott, who lives in Paradise, Nfld., was making her way back home from a business trip in Cancun. The travel agent told HuffPost Canada it all started when she saw two men, Sean Sullivan and Sheldon Thornhill, playing an accordion and guitar near the flight's gate in Toronto's Pearson Airport.

She joined in, along with other travellers, and the group sang and danced at the departure gate.

"When it was time to board our flight they put away their instruments," she said, "and then the WestJet Agent came on the intercom and said, 'We have a little bad news, we are waiting for the pilot and we are going to be delayed for about 30 minutes.'"

Newfoundlanders love to sing and dance, it is such a huge part of our culture.

That's when Sullivan and Thornhill took out their instruments once more and an old-fashioned Newfoundland kitchen party broke loose.

Sacrey Philpott shared videos of the party on Facebook, where they've been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. The crowd danced and sang to songs like "Grey Foggy Day" and "Aunt Martha's Sheep," according to CTV News.

"Newfoundlanders love to sing and dance, it is such a huge part of our culture," Sacrey Philpott said.

This is just one of the reasons why we are proud to be a Newfoundlander

Posted by Michelle Sacrey Philpott on Monday, November 20, 2017

"It was a very proud moment for many people and I have received so many emails and calls from people thanking me for posting these videos and how much it means to them. It was a great good news story. So blessed I was a part of it."