11/22/2017 16:47 EST | Updated 11/22/2017 17:04 EST

CBC Reporter's Segment From Zimbabwe Perfectly Captures Mood After Mugabe's Resignation

This is pure happiness.

CBC News/Twitter
A screengrab from a CBC News report shows correspondent Margaret Evans barely able to stand in front of the camera as crowds celebrate Robert Mugabe's resignation.

If you're wondering what the mood was like in Zimbabwe after president Robert Mugabe announced his resignation, this CBC video should sum it up.

Reporter Margaret Evans was in the capital Harare delivering — or at least trying to deliver — a standup segment on Tuesday, hours after the country's authoritarian president said he was ending his 37-year rule.

On Wednesday, CBC News uploaded a clip of Evans' report, where she's utterly drowned out by the thunderous cheers of Zimbabweans celebrating around her.

Take a look:

Mugabe's stunning decision comes a week after the military seized power and detained the 93-year-old in his home, though officials denied any intentions of deposing him.

For more scenes from of jubilation from Harare, check out the video below: