11/23/2017 12:24 EST | Updated 11/23/2017 12:24 EST

Montreal Mom’s Hilarious Tweet Sheds Light On The Real Reason We Have Kids

The "Honest Toddler" never fails to make us LOL.

We like to think that every child is a product of nothing but love and careful family planning, but for many, that's not always the case.

Montreal mom Bunmi Laditan, who runs the popular blog "The Honest Toddler," gave moms and dads everywhere a hilarious reality check when she shared what it would be like if we named our kids after the reason we had them.

"Hey Marital Problems stop hitting Broken Condom I'm trying to put Hennessy down for a nap," is the amusing example Laditan, a mom of three, posed on Twitter.

Naturally, the simple tweet spurred a number of hilarious and honest responses from her followers, revealing the wide range of reasons why people have children. Here are the top six:

1. Peer pressure

2. Boredom

3. Fertility treatments

4. Special occasions

5. Faulty birth control methods

6. Booze

With this naming method, one user noted that "Netflix and Chill" would likely explode in popularity today...

While another revealed how different older children's names would be:

Laditan is known for speaking parenting truths on social media, hence her blog name "Honest Toddler." Last month, for instance, she got real about her three-year battle with postpartum depression, and back in April, she took issue with her 10-year-old daughter's school homework policy and shared her thoughts in a viral Facebook post.

But one of our all-time favourite honest remarks from the blogger has to be her sarcastic Facebook post about her children's "organic" chicken dinner, which took a jab at those who judge other parents for not always providing their kids with healthy meals.

Laditan never ceases to make us LOL and we love her for it!

Last year, the mom told that she does what she does to let other parents know that they are not alone. "It's such a hard gig, being a mom," she said. "I just want people to read my work to feel understood and like they're enough."

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