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11 Big Ticket Cyber Monday Baby Items That Are So Worth Buying

Because babies are expensive, guys,

As the old saying goes: first we had each other, then we had you, then we had no money.

Well, maybe not exactly, but babies are expensive and their stuff is no different. That's why Cyber Monday is a great time to see what kind of deals are available. Because you weren't actually going to leave your house to brave Black Friday sales with a baby in tow, right?

Whether you're pregnant and stocking up, or have a baby that needs yet more stuff, this list of great sales should cover you until the next growth spurt.

1. Car Seats

Every baby needs a car seat. But they are SO EXPENSIVE. Good thing Best Buy, Babies R Us, Costco, and Snuggle Bugz all have killer deals on car seats right now. Some sales last until Nov. 27, and others are extended until Nov. 30, but either way you could save some serious cash on this actual must-have item. Save $100 on an Evenflo, or $90 on a Clek, or grab the hot Graco 4Ever at $50 off. Wait, was that $230 off the Graco Modes Click Connect Travel System?! Brb doing some shopping...

2. Baby Monitors

If you don't have a baby monitor yet, or you just want a better one (who doesn't want to watch their baby sleep in colour video?), now is the time to break out your wallet. You could save $110 on a Motorola at Best Buy, get $115 off a Vtech at Babies R Us, and $80 off a Levana at Costco. And that's just a start.

3. Crib Mattresses

Baby's gotta sleep somewhere (lol sleep), so you're going to need a mattress. Babies R Us has half off Simmons BeautyRest mattresses, and you could save anywhere from $10 to $155 on crib mattresses at Best Buy.

4. Baby Carriers

Ah, babywearing. If you haven't already joined the cult, you probably will soon, so you might as well get a great deal on a wrap or carrier. Best Buy has some great deals on the popular Ergobaby carriers, Snuggle Bugz has sales on everything from Becos and Tulas to Bjorns, and Little Zen One has a 25 per cent off sale on all wraps (or buy two, get one free).

5. Gliders

No nursery is complete without a rocking chair, right? Well, maybe that's true when they're on sale, anyway. Best Buy has a great deal on gliders right now, including $300 off this sleek Kidiway one and $190 off this Stork Craft glider and ottoman set.

6. Cribs

Damn, Best Buy, what don't you have on sale this week? If you're in the market for a crib, now's a good time to shell out. Best Buy has a ton of deals on cribs, including $275 off this Kidiway Zeni Solid Wood 4-in-1 Convertible (that's fancy talk for "it will last your baby through his entire childhood").

7. Toy Storage

Trust us, you're going to want somewhere to squirrel your kid's toys away when you're tripping over blocks and slipping on crayons just trying to walk through your house some day. This popular Imaginarium Storage Bin Rack (with 12 bins) is half off at Babies R Us until Monday.

8. ExerSaucers

Can you put a price on being able to put your baby down without them screaming for a hot minute so you can go to the bathroom? Yes, and that price is up to 30 per cent off at Babies R Us with free shipping until Monday. EvenFlo's bounce and learn playground is $50 off, you could get $40 off this jungle version that looks like it would even keep us entertained for a fair bit of time, and this Disney Finding Nemo one is $80 off.

9. High Chairs

Even though it will soon be smeared in mushed avocado, a high chair is another item you might wind up paying a lot for. Luckily, Best Buy and Babies R Us have a bunch of them on sale this week. Save $70 on this Chicco Polly Reclining High Chair or $50 on this Graco DuoDiner (but if you really want to save a buck, just get an IKEA high chair for $20 and never look back).

10. Bouncers Or Electric Chairs

If your baby is the kind of baby that will chill in a chair (some parents swear by it), then now is the time to pick one up. Indigo has 25 per cent off all BabyBjorn bouncers and $60 off the 4moms Rockaroo. Snuggle Bugz has the Cadillac of all baby chairs, the 4moms MamaRoo Plus, for $50 off.

11. Breastfeeding Paraphernalia

Remember when treating yourself meant a deep tissue massage or going to a movie? And we said parenting wouldn't change us! Well, anyway, now you can treat yo'self with gear to make breastfeeding a little easier (and if pumping now means solo time for you later, that's basically the same thing as the day spa). Snuggle Bugz has all manner of nursing gear on sale, including bras, scarves, pads, storage bags, and nursing pillows. And Best Buy has actual breast pumps on sale, including $110 off this Philips Avent Comfort Double Electric.

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